10 Nisan 2013 Çarşamba

First Skype experience ever

Today, 10.04.2013. Our 7th grade students, their English Teacher and I were very excited because we had our first skype calling with great students from Serbia. Our students asked the questions about their peers and the life in Serbia. It was a different experience for my students and I am looking forward to share their thouhts and feelings about it.

It was very surprizing that one of the students called Martha started to speak Turkish which was very fluent. At that moment my students got excited, all stood up and applause. It was a great moment.

Thanks to Ana Zivkovic and her class, they were really warm and enthusiastic. Thanks for the opportunity, it was a great pleasure for us to chat with Serbian friends.

Some of our students wrote their feelings about this experience:

Beyzanur Demir/ 7-A

It was realy great to meet new people from different culture.
And we had a chance to practise our English.

We got excited when one of the students starts talking in Turkish.
We had a fantastic lesson and want to connect with them again as soon as possible. Thanks to our school counselor Aylin,Silig and to our English teacher Cevher Uzunoz for this opportunety. And ofcourse thanks to Ana Zivkovic.
-------Yeni insanlar tanimak, yabanci kulturden yasitlarimizla tanismak cok guzeldi. Turkce ve Sirpca disinda ortak dil olarak İngilizceyi kullanmis olduk. 

Ozellikle Sirp bir ogrencinin Turkce konusmasi hepimizin cok hosuna gitti. Cok zevkli ve guzel bir ders isledik. En kisa zamanda bir daha gorusmek istiyoruz. Cevher Ogretmene , Aylin Ogretmene ayrica Ana Zivkovic'e cok tesekkur ederim.

Mercan ÜN/ 7-A
This was the first experience we had ever had in our school. I was very happy to talk to our Serbian friends. This was the first time in my life that I talked to someone from different culture. What was the most exciting thing in this conversation was that one of the Serbien students talking in Turkish. 

Bizim okul icin bu konusma bir ilkti. 
İlk defa bir Sirp yasitimla konustugum icin cok mutlu oldum. Beni en cok mutlu eden; aralarindan bir ogrencinin Turkce konusmasi oldu.

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